Found a few old gifs of Lollie modded into Retro City Rampage. πŸ”₯🦊πŸ”₯

At the time, I half-considered scanning it and cleaning it up for translation. The only reason why I didn't was because in order to get a perfect scan, I'd have to carefully dismantle the book.

But it's too good to dismantle! I'd have to get a second copy, I couldn't dismantle my only copy of this cool release. But as if I'd ever find a second copy of a fan-comic from 1991, based on an anime from 1983.

So I was going through my merch stash tonight and uh, well. It turns out I forgot something.

Back in 2013, I bought up a bunch of Sherlock Hound merch, grabbing whatever looked cute or interesting.

Among the stuff I picked up: "Holmes of Love and Youth", a collection of parody comics from 1991. Really well-made, cool presentation. The cover is corrugated card-stock with foil emboss, it's kind of ridiculous.

Mastodon.............. Mastodon uses the *first* link it encounters as the link preview, rather than the last link. Damn you, Mastodon.

*spends forever trying to fit longer-form thoughts about Patlabor into 280 characters*

*remembers Mastodon offers 500 characters*


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