@FarFromSubtle I'm kinda into it! This thing definitely came out of nowhere, and the crank is a big weird question mark. But they're working with some great hardware designers (teenage.engineering/), so I know the hardware itself is going to be rock solid.

A new handheld was announced today by Panic, publishers of Firewatch and the upcoming Untitled Goose Game.

This is Playdate.
πŸ”— play.date/

It has a crank for control input, a black-and-white screen, and comes with a "season" of new games designed specifically for Playdate. One new game every week for twelve weeks.

Priced at $149, expected to arrive in 2020. They've posted a thread with more information about its creation over on Twitter.
🐦 twitter.com/playdate/status/11

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posted a thread covering everything I know about Nintendo's "Game Processor" system. features patents, game footage + images, cartridge info/pinouts

Guess who's been thinking about getting back into video. 😩

I learned about The Others through this article about another great use of slit-scan. Time displacement is such a deceptively powerful tool.

I've been thinking about this video a ton this week. Awesome use of high-speed video and slit-scan effects. vimeo.com/162945779

I've been a bit busy on stuff and bouncing between a couple projects, haven't had any finished work to share unfortunately! Really would like to try and set some time aside for some small sketches, or get back onto streaming or something.

daze - ilooklikeesasowhat?

Wicked bit of late-90's dnb/idm, very Aphex-esque imo. MP3 and XM are up over at Netlabel Archive. ✌

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He's working! Here he is in action, using one of the scientist animations. ⌨ #halflife #wip

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Item #234 (Hex: EA) has some fucking cool overflow in the text description. This overflow is consistent, and no other item does this. #SilentHill

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I'm only toying with the camera controls for now, since I've never actually played the Silent Hill games (I know, I'll fix that), but I can say right now: There are some very good fliers in this game.

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Just watched a live PS1 Silent Hill hacking PAX panel (youtu.be/ZZBsfJHwU6A) by @manfightdragon@twitter.com, and remembered that BizHawk has live memory search/editing. I had to see if the same memory addresses worked in emulator.

Good news! The address for the pause text, 0x025395, is now haunted.

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Doing a little modding for Sven Co-op / Half-Life! Building myself a wirecage to model around - his hair is kind of tricky to figure out, and he's gonna be *very* low poly.

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Why do we all have to wear these *ridiculous* ties? πŸ¦ŠπŸ’’ #art #halflife

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One of my favorite little bits of info is seeing how the cut #Pokemon 'Kotora' survived and progressed through Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Gen 1 Kotora was a three-tier line, while Gen 2 Kotora was only two-tier.

(Gen 2 sprites from TCRF) tcrf.net/Proto:Pok%C3%A9mon_Go

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πŸ”— helixchamber.com/2019/02/16/wh

Prototype and pre-alpha artwork for #Pokemon Gen 1 (Red & Green) has finally surfaced.

We have super old title logos, backsprites for all but three of the "Missingno" Pokemon, scrapped evolutions, prototype and temporary map layouts, and original sprites for trainers.

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Rezzett - Worst Ever Contender
Lo-fi breakbeat, the perfect closer track to an album of lo-fi house and electronic. Music goals tbh. ✌️ #rec

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Speaking of music recommendations: Seven minutes of German downtempo house, courtesy of Dwig. lautluise.bandcamp.com/track/o

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