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I've been introduced to a new series called "Cities: Skylines | Power, Politics, & Planning" β€” It uses Cities: Skylines as the backdrop to explain Urban Planning, as well as the politics behind it and the effects it has on communities. It's *very* good.

I'm linking to the second episode here, as it's maybe the most easily digestible episode, very entertaining, well written. Leftist as hell. Do watch.

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Takkyu Ishino β€” In Yer Memory (from "Memories" OST)

I just rewatched the 1995 Otomo anthology, "Memories". The credits feature this absolutely wicked acid techno track. What else can I say lmao, it's really good shit.

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Here's the finished 3D model for Namco's "neGcon" gamepad. Most of the polygon count is in the line art: renderable splines converted to meshes, which allows the lines to look evenly thick at any angle. ✌

Check out the model on Sketchfab!

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Finished a side-project this weekend, an input display for Namco's "neGcon" gamepad for the PS1!

Here's a demonstration video, plus gameplay footage of Wipeout XL (aka Wipeout 2097) putting the controller through its paces.

Micronism - Inside A Quiet Mind

Vintage deep house and techno direct from New Zealand's 1998.

Floating Points - Perforation Six (from "Elaenia")

The best way I can describe this track is "a constant build of tension with no end in sight."

Album: floatingpointsluakabop.bandcam

Whatever, those entire albums are still worth it.

Mastodon.............. Mastodon uses the *first* link it encounters as the link preview, rather than the last link. Damn you, Mastodon.

Triosk - Lazyboat (from "The Headlight Serenade")

Coming off Triosk's third and final album, Lazyboat is an ambient wash of piano improv, looped tones, and digitally-scrubbed jazz brush drums. Slow and steady progression.

Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek - Neckless (from "1+3+1")

Triosk was an Australian experimental glitch/jazz group from 2001 - 2007. Jan Jelinek is a German microtechno/IDM artist from 1998 - Present. This track is a constant swell, continuous build of tension. Good shit.

Djrum β€” Portrait With Firewood

Expect a blend of piano improv, ambient, dub and breakbeat.

*spends forever trying to fit longer-form thoughts about Patlabor into 280 characters*

*remembers Mastodon offers 500 characters*


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