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Debated boosting the previous post over here β€” Decided to do so since the art *is* tame, and still behind a CW anyway. Figure there's no harm in it. ✌

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Art, PG, Underwear 

Tonight's work soundtrack: "Game Winner" by Joey Dosik, an EP about basketball.

It's a gorgeous bundle of 70's jazz and soul, written after Joey blew out his knee and had to undergo reconstructive ACL surgery. πŸ€

"Powder" by The Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop OST 4)

This has been stuck in my head all day, zero complaints tho because it's so damn good.

The general idea is that, if I want to see my timeline on Twitter, it needs to be an active decision. I want to try and restructure my relationship with the platform, so this my first little baby step.

Done something for myself as a bit of an experiment: Made Twitter much harder to access on my phone, and removed my main account's timeline from Tweetdeck. Curious to see exactly what this does for me, in terms of my general mood and productivity.

I've been introduced to a new series called "Cities: Skylines | Power, Politics, & Planning" β€” It uses Cities: Skylines as the backdrop to explain Urban Planning, as well as the politics behind it and the effects it has on communities. It's *very* good.

I'm linking to the second episode here, as it's maybe the most easily digestible episode, very entertaining, well written. Leftist as hell. Do watch.

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Takkyu Ishino β€” In Yer Memory (from "Memories" OST)

I just rewatched the 1995 Otomo anthology, "Memories". The credits feature this absolutely wicked acid techno track. What else can I say lmao, it's really good shit.

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Here's the finished 3D model for Namco's "neGcon" gamepad. Most of the polygon count is in the line art: renderable splines converted to meshes, which allows the lines to look evenly thick at any angle. ✌

Check out the model on Sketchfab!

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Finished a side-project this weekend, an input display for Namco's "neGcon" gamepad for the PS1!

Here's a demonstration video, plus gameplay footage of Wipeout XL (aka Wipeout 2097) putting the controller through its paces.

Micronism - Inside A Quiet Mind

Vintage deep house and techno direct from New Zealand's 1998.

Floating Points - Perforation Six (from "Elaenia")

The best way I can describe this track is "a constant build of tension with no end in sight."

Album: floatingpointsluakabop.bandcam

Whatever, those entire albums are still worth it.

Mastodon.............. Mastodon uses the *first* link it encounters as the link preview, rather than the last link. Damn you, Mastodon.

Triosk - Lazyboat (from "The Headlight Serenade")

Coming off Triosk's third and final album, Lazyboat is an ambient wash of piano improv, looped tones, and digitally-scrubbed jazz brush drums. Slow and steady progression.

Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek - Neckless (from "1+3+1")

Triosk was an Australian experimental glitch/jazz group from 2001 - 2007. Jan Jelinek is a German microtechno/IDM artist from 1998 - Present. This track is a constant swell, continuous build of tension. Good shit.

Djrum β€” Portrait With Firewood

Expect a blend of piano improv, ambient, dub and breakbeat.

*spends forever trying to fit longer-form thoughts about Patlabor into 280 characters*

*remembers Mastodon offers 500 characters*

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