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Y'all, Thumper is on sale for $6 on Itch right now. Easily the coolest rhythm game I've played in a long while. Absolutely worth picking up.


For the past year, I've been searching on and off for a way to "sniff" inputs from a PlayStation gamepad while it's in use. Tonight, I finally found what I've been looking for: RetroSpy, an Arduino device that can read gamepads for nearly any old console. All it really needs is a spliced controller cable.

Checked up on how long it usually takes to get PS-IO's devs to install switches to PS1 mainboards, and they're so backed up at the moment that they're currently looking at up to four or six months worth of backlog.

Iiiii think I'm gonna have to practice soldering!

New toy has arrived. ✨

Need to get that tiny little chip installed before I can use it (it's like half an inch square and needs to be soldered), but I'm glad to finally have this in my hands!

Please witness this extremely cute diorama that I saw at the mall today, thank you

Tonight's work music: Seefeel's 1995 album, Succour. It lays somewhere between ambient/drone and IDM. 🎢

Being able to self-verify on Mastodon is a tiny but cool feature. Feels nice tbh.

I'm so glad Phil Fish is still doing game-adjacent stuff.

I just discovered Squarepusher made the boot-up sound for Analogue's Super NT. Phil Fish handled the boot-up animation, along with the console's UI.

Found a few old gifs of Lollie modded into Retro City Rampage. πŸ”₯🦊πŸ”₯


My plate is already 100% full with projects. I gotta kick my butt into finishing what I've got, before I even consider filling my plate up with new projects.

But like. Y'all already know I'm sticking a big "HMM MAYBE" on this. I wanna get this comic (+ a couple other vintage Sherlock Hound comics) scanned and translated, and get it out there. Seems too good to just leave as an obscure release imo.

I need to express just how well-presented this fan-comic is. Like, the cover's insides are pink with white line-art illustrations of Sherlock Hound's cast. The first page is a full-color pencil illustration reproduced on cardstock, with blank postcards on the reverse side. One particularly lengthy comic is printed on cream-colored paper, while the rest of the book is on flat white??

Like. I don't know what was happening in Japan's doujinshi scene in 1991, but they had their print game on lock.

At the time, I half-considered scanning it and cleaning it up for translation. The only reason why I didn't was because in order to get a perfect scan, I'd have to carefully dismantle the book.

But it's too good to dismantle! I'd have to get a second copy, I couldn't dismantle my only copy of this cool release. But as if I'd ever find a second copy of a fan-comic from 1991, based on an anime from 1983.

So I was going through my merch stash tonight and uh, well. It turns out I forgot something.

Back in 2013, I bought up a bunch of Sherlock Hound merch, grabbing whatever looked cute or interesting.

Among the stuff I picked up: "Holmes of Love and Youth", a collection of parody comics from 1991. Really well-made, cool presentation. The cover is corrugated card-stock with foil emboss, it's kind of ridiculous.

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two recent things about game design i enjoyed:
1) mapper Wraith777 made cool diagrams to describe abstract Doom level flow
2) The Digital Antiquarian's "Ten Great Adventure-Game Puzzles"

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This weekend, I tip-toed into #Doom's source code for the first time, and hacked up a new feature as an experiment: Second-Screen Automap.

I also ran into a fun bug! This video is like 70% about that bug.

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A bundle of fussy idiots doing what they do best: Be Fussy ✨🦊✨ #art


I will objectively judge all American takes on "Australian" accents until the end of time

"Untitled" by Huerco S.

This track basically sounds as if Boards of Canada went all in on one of their vignettes for twenty minutes, absolutely sublime.

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