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Part 2 of IGN's gameplay reveal for Black Mesa: Xen. There is *so much* new stuff going on here, christ.

IGN just released a total fifteen minutes of gameplay footage from Black Mesa: Xen. It looks pretty as hell, and uh, *way* larger than the original.

Here's Part 1, the first six minutes.

I've just been informed that Warp Records did a huge 100-hour session of mix sets from all their artists for their 30th anniversary.

Among them was a two-hour set from Boards of Canada with a few small hints of new material and reworks thrown into the mix.

(Check the description for the MP3 - a couple songs had to be muted in the YT upload because of copyright bullshit.)

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instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

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instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

Guess who just remembered that a jazz version of classic house track "Strings of Life" exists.

YouTube kept transcribing neGcon as "Neji Kahn". Valid imo.

Have to admit, YouTube's automatic transcriptions make for an excellent starting point for adding subtitles. Takes a lot of time out of the process, and most of the work is relegated to adding punctuation and making small corrections.

Case in point: I was able to add clean subtitles to my neGcon display video demo in just ten minutes. Half of that time went into manually transcribing game audio. ๐Ÿคท

This was an extremely good talk imo, delves *way* deeper than just Dream Daddy & being an Indie Game Dev online. Honestly even goes well beyond just being a creative online.

Breath of the Wild's community now has tools to create completely new dungeons. Like this one, right here.

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Y'all, I just found out about the emoji set in Adobe's Japanese font, Ten Mincho. This is the complete set, I have to share these.

A new handheld was announced today by Panic, publishers of Firewatch and the upcoming Untitled Goose Game.

This is Playdate.

It has a crank for control input, a black-and-white screen, and comes with a "season" of new games designed specifically for Playdate. One new game every week for twelve weeks.

Priced at $149, expected to arrive in 2020. They've posted a thread with more information about its creation over on Twitter.

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posted a thread covering everything I know about Nintendo's "Game Processor" system. features patents, game footage + images, cartridge info/pinouts

Guess who's been thinking about getting back into video. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

I learned about The Others through this article about another great use of slit-scan. Time displacement is such a deceptively powerful tool.

I've been thinking about this video a ton this week. Awesome use of high-speed video and slit-scan effects.

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