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Really excited to announce that the phenomenal David C. Hëvvitt will be joining Hexenkraft to provide music for .

We might have just about the best indie sci-fi game soundtrack :D

You can check out their work here:

Or, obviously, in our game or on our patreon, where some tiers include albums by these talented musicians.

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Do you like sci-fi adventure games? Interested in watching an early access game develop into the final version, but hate the idea of paying for something unfinished?
Come check out our early access alpha demo. Regular updates, feedback, and totally free.

Hey everyone! i just released my new track, Alone :)

This one was a commission made for the amazing @MKDouma6!

Go check the track out, and let me know what you think :D

A public service announcement for you and the loved ones in your life:


End of PSA.

Image is a screencap of this article:

⚠️ Job search, please boost! 

Alrighty let's try this again.

Still looking for a job over here! I've got a comp sci degree and about a year and a half work experience as an automated software test engineer. Please let me know if you have openings, can send a referral, etc. Full remote would be preferred!

If you want more info you can visit my site
If you need a resume please DM and I'll send one over promptly

Thank y'all so much, even just boosting helps a lot! 🖤

Unity has received a $17.5 billion acquisition offer from AppLovin, a company focused on mobile monetisation and advertising:

Now live with Goofy's Hysterical History Tour on the Sega Genesis as requested by @ReadySetIG !

Right now, the focus for first person/interior piloting is leading the poll for the next patch:

I'm excited to see how it looks when it ends on Wednesday here.

Any of my fedifriends looking to pick up a small web design job? Friend of a friend is looking for some help. US preferred, San Diego / Cali best. Boosts welcome!

#getfedihired #webdesign

i just released another drop on my Patreon! That's 4 more backgrounds for everyone to use however they like :) You can use them in your project, or as a wallpaper (4k versions included)

I was looking at the whole ubereats/grubhub/postmates scene to try to earn a little extra, and I was pretty surprised to see none of them are hiring in my area.

After spending a few days with flatpaks and appimages, all I can say is "This is the margarine of application deployments"

Native is by far best. Appimage comes second for me, flatpak is a little behind, and snap is absolute trash. Snap is the "margarine flakes" of application packages.


#GodotEngine 3.5 is finally released, and it's amazingly feature-packed!

🧭 Navigation
🏃 Physics interpolation
🧃 Better tweening
⏲️ Time singleton
📜 Label3D and TextMesh
🏷️ Unique node names
🌊 Flow containers
🎨 Async shaders
And more!

I love that Bob's Red Mill sent out an email saying they're closing their website because everyone has a store local - in an email with a link to their store finder.

I replied (expecting nothing) telling them I had no stores in driving distance and got a reply a week later... with a link to their store finder.

Well, thanks for once being useful, Bob's Red Mill. You lost me as a customer intentionally. Not *my* intent, but yours.

What a great "let them eat cake" reply from them.

Well, that definitely was something nobody could possibly have seen coming...
Piracy and theft combined with NFTs? Inconceivable.

Someone bought a couple of our shirts, and I just wanted to say Thank You!
Hope you like them :)
We never push the merch, so I'm always grateful when someone decides they want some.

Traditionally published author friends:

Yesterday, Penguin Random House stated under oath that $100,000 was not a large advance.

Get that official transcript before negotiating your book contract.

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