If you're the sort of website developer who loads a 900kb font to use 2 glyphs out if it... maybe consider a different line of work.

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@Longplay_Games big brain - load that 2 glyphs of 900kb from a cdn and pray it is cached on the client so it is 0 kb

@marty_TrollPurse Quite possible for something like FontAwesome, though this particular theme used its very own, and even did a preload for it :tiredcat:

@atomicpoet Yup, quite literally. The theme I'm working on adapting for our new site previous had a specialty custom font that was pre-loaded and 896kb.
From that font, they used these two icons. It took 495ms to load them.
This is not the font used for *any* other text on the page. The css and scss for the site has 4,445 lines of CSS to manage this font.

@atomicpoet Yes, and now we pass around copies of node.js and chromium because we're too lazy to use the system's built-in webview tools...

@Longplay_Games @atomicpoet why are icon fonts still a thing again? Like, I've used them myself (begrudgingly) but really at this point SVG support is so widespread we shouldn't need this nasty hack any more. And it is a hack, accessibility on it is awful and you're basically always loading in waaaaaay more glyphs than you could possibly ever want to use.

@jonas @atomicpoet You're absolutely right.
I have a font that I use for my games which combines the main game fonts + UI glyphs because UE4 is *awful* at image scaling, but on the web you can simply insert SVG and have most browsers pick it up.
Microsoft has held back the entire internet quite enough, TYVM, with all these IE hacks.

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