Pence getting ratioed is funny tho

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Apparently there was an eclipse today lmao

Game 6 of the Tigers v Tacos starting soon

just having a normal one

I finally finished reading the entire Core Book and i have to say that it is pretty based.

now to read The Long Rim haha... 😅

Watching the finals of The Internet Series Championship between the Crabs 🦀 and the Shoe Thieves 👟 .

Winner gets to fight (and hopefully kill) God

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"Supporting the devs" is not a concept that applies to AAA games. The only people making money off sales are the publisher and executives, not the artists, coders and other staff. Who, as we know, are likely to get laid off regardless of how sales go.

Save that stuff for small studios, they're the ones actually operating at small margins.

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