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I cant believe Mario fucking died

but i think the english name is dumb and it should be called "The House of Paper" instead

I recommend you watch "La Casa De Papel" ("Money Heist" in english)

it receives my thumps up 👍

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The new compact mode looks wierd in some places.

expansion 2 "Dissolution of Eternity"

This time the map are very labyrinthian which i liked more, there are also new common enemy variations and new enemies that fit well in the the game.
There are some boss encounters, they are all pretty good except for the last one.
No real new weapons but "weapon variations" and i think it work better that way.

I liked this expansion a lot more than the first one and i think i will be replaying it in the future.

SCP-049 was just rewritten. Now it has actual character development.


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