“I am a Communist, I read the Communist Manifesto when I was 23. I am 58 now. Things have changed. People may now say communism has become a failed dream. But, I still believe in revolution. That is the only hope I have in my life.”
~ Natvar Desai


State of Kerala has filed an original Suit under Art.131 of the Constitution.

Supreme Court has the exclusive power to directly listen to matters between 2 states governments or between the Centre and the state under this Article.

Best Malayalam Movies of 2019 - Opinion, Aggregation

Some of you know I used to maintain this list of best films based on ratings given out by various critics. Here's the final list:

Kumbalangi Nights (Prime Video)
Android Kunjappan ver 5.25 (Prime Video)
Jallikattu (Prime Video)
Virus (Prime Video)
Helen (Prime Video)
Thaneermathan Dinangal
Unda (Prime Video)
Ishq (Prime Video)
Thamaasha (Manorama Max?)
Uyare (Netflix)
Kettiyollanu Ente Malaakha

Honorable mentions: Chola, Driving Licence, Prathi Poovankozhi, Thelivu, Janamaithri, and Luca.

Can we also congratulate Prime Video while we are at it? What a year!

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Why do such things happen in and not elsewhere, is also a question to be pondered on

The country that has the best scientific infrastructure and the best scientists is the United States of America. That distinction once belonged to Germany. In his interview to The Telegraph, Venki Ramakrishnan notes: “Countries that have ideologies on science have ended up destroying their science. Essentially, German science took 50 years to recover from Hitler.” He could have added that Germany’s loss was American’s gain.


: "I will continue to protest as I do not want my child to live in a country filled with hatred. I want to make India a good country for him. If I don't do this now, he will ask me why I have left such a country for him": Kannan Gopinathan buff.ly/36J8q5x

Toot this far and wide. And then ask what the hell was DP thinking when it lathi charged students.

India must be the only country where we have detention centers and refugee-like camps for it's own people without any war. Because the govt is at war with it's own people.

The campaign waged by Modi and his fellow Hindu nationalists has done immense damage to the legacy of Gandhi and Nehru and their vision of a secular Indian state.

As the demonstrations there are proving, democracy may be the one thing that can save it.

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Yep...Fight is for India...

To redeem our motherland from the diabolical divisible regime!

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I hope the anti CAB protests turn into full civil rights movement in India. It's not just about one bill anymore, it probably was a tipping point.

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ബോളിവുഡിന്റെ കിംഗ് ഖാന്‍ ഷാരൂഖ് ഖാന്‍ നായകനായി ആഷിക് അബു ചിത്രം ഒരുങ്ങുന്നു.

Politician with a spine.

"The unconstitutional laws like CAB will not have any stand in Kerala and such unconstitutional laws won’t be implemented in the state."

~ P Vijayan, Kerala CM

റേഡിയോ കേരളയ്ക്ക് തുടക്കമായി


If you expect respect from others, show it first to yourself. You can’t expect from others what you don’t give to yourself.
~ Shams Tabrizi♥

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Extra-judicial killings are a weapon that have been used with consistency and brutality to kill, and rape, countless women. They have exploited a terrible pain to grant themselves a heinous glory. This is no victory. This is no democracy.

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