@Lopinel in honor of 4.04 day, i will instruct my webserver to respond to every request with a 404 status, but keep everything else the same, and see what breaks


you are radical 😲
but the tests are necessary 😂

@erictapen @Lopinel oh, they are absolutely supposed to break. but i have seen clients just ignore the status code and only look into the body and parse it

@Lopinel Bah non, cette journée est bien là… J'aimerai bien qu'on soit déjà vendredi mais non.

@Lopinel We had an electronics/maintenance closet at my old office that was room #404. I put a little sign on it saying "The room that could not be found". Within a day or two there appeared a whole bunch of other funny signs on it. Unfortunately I can't remember them now..

@Lopinel I once had to return home from another city on a train nr. 404. Was worried a bit. :)

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