I have juat realised my new computer's CPU (Ryzen 5600) has a bigger on die cache than my first ever PCs hard drive!?

They planned a celebratory hunt but the guy who was meant to collect the buns bought them instead so they all just wanted food when they were let out.
They should have just graciously accepted defeat imo. historyanswers.co.uk/people-po

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@doot Totally impractical! How are you going to wash it? The colours will run and it'll end up grey. You'll need to hand-wash it every single time. Bet you wish you'd read the care label before buying!

Hypothetically, if I had ended up with 53p in bitcoin, what the hell should I do with it?

My suggestion of throwing it on the bed and rolling around in it like I am rich apparently wasn't a good idea because "it isn't possible"

Insects / bees 

Well good news. A sign of a healthy compost heap are that is has lots of life in it.

Less good when you accidentally turn over a small hive of (I think) tree bumblebees trying to use the compost

No YOU forgot to update the bios before installing your new CPU

Look Dorene, I know your last boyfriend could "do this all day" but I ain't captain America so you're gonna have to give me 15 minutes

I have to accept I am middle aged when I see rain forecast and rush out to treat the lawn

Best investments in order of increasing benefits:
3. Home solar panels - awesome cost saving
2. Robot lawnmower - awesome time saving
1. Sharpie on the fridge to write dates jars e.g. sauce are opened so I know if stuff is off - awesome sanity saving

The 'Great Lakes' huh?

Most of them are average at best.

Today has been a good day. Since this is rare I thought I should share.

Some people say I use fiction as unhealthy escapism instead of actually dealing with my poor mental health and to them I say:

Shh, I'm reading

I am NEVER going to install an EXPERIMENTAL patch for the so-called LOG4SHELL vulnerability

the LONG-TERM EFFECTS of fixing the bug are NOT KNOWN to anyone

I know computers that fight off a malware infection do develop a NATURAL IMMUNITY to exploits

software vendors FORCING users to PATCH violates their civil rights

I went into a french shop for true/false underwear.

It was a Boollingerie.

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