No-one lands a plane, you just try and stop gravity landing it too quickly.

Because I feel it is needed today a book recommendation:
Factfulness by Hans, Ola and Anna Risking

A book that in short says "The world is bad but getting better" in a brilliant way that I personally have found very helpful for mental health

Night time wildlife 

What about homegrown herbal tea where all the proceeds go to fighting nazis and the tea is called... Wait for it...


Fact I found out today that filled my heart with joy: Cubesats (tiny cheap satellites roughly 10cm cubes) as a form factor were defined by a uni professor who challenged his class to fit a satellite design into a beanie baby (those little bear things) box.
And a worldwide multimillion pound industry now uses that size as a standard, the same beanie baby box size


Best crisps in the world 

WAIT is this why woman are banned from having pockets and only men's clothes have them?

Petition to ban people with nice arses from putting stuff in their rear trousers pockets

Rambling about utopia and climate change 

@sophia It's rare you see tits and ducks in the same sentence. without it being followed by "ducking autocomplete" :D

Did you know Pelicans don't have nostrils? Pelicans are weird.

I feel we have reached that point in the naming of scandals "<insert name here> gate" so far removed from it's origin I swear someone would name a scandal at the Watergate hotel "watergate-gate"

If a child is born to lactose intolerant parents, is that a child born out of chedlock?

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