@FrazzledBrynn I confess the best thing we ever did was having separate duvets.
Oh and yes having a king size bed

So if I were single I could be "come on over babe I've got" *waggles eyebrows provocatively* "Air conditioning"

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I wonder if my ownership of an air conditioning unit currently probably makes up for all my basic character flaws?

@diffractie @FrazzledBrynn really sorry to hear about the store so hope you are both ok.
Do look into it but i didn't know a lot and got that one up with basic features in 2 (long) days.
I have 0 design experience but the templates make it easy

@FrazzledBrynn took me a few days but it is how I built the OHs www.sewunconventional.co.uk

@FrazzledBrynn I don't know why but only solution I found was popping them into a tumble dryer for 20 mins

lewd physics shitpost 

The smallest amount of time is the time it takes for a gamerbro to see a girl's feet and get an erection.

It's called a femme-toe second.

@FrazzledBrynn *sales pitch* get your scood damp and store in the fridge to cool you down on hot days 🔥 💦

I was going to be called Angus if I was a boy, so since I’ve turned out to be neither boy nor girl I thought about combining Angus with Kirsty then realised the portmanteau would be Angsty

@FrazzledBrynn ah so a chance to prove or disprove whether there IS a party like an s club party!?

@GwenfarsGarden @FrazzledBrynn I find this really depressing. It surely can't be that hard to allow boarding of trains not require a person turn up with a ramp!?

A take I'm gonna get yelled at for 

@FrazzledBrynn no this totally makes sense. No-one should be forced to "out" themselves.

I can never remember if gender criticals do 50% more gender or 100% more gender.

@PublicChaffinch I love marmite and have no objection to lynx Africa but this offends me beyond words!

Me and @diffractie have opened our own little store for art and sewn creations! :3 I've ordered art prints, so the shop will be stocked with them soon! For now, here's my current lot of sewn items: numonday.com/shop/willows-craf #mastoart #brynnsbears #art #crafts #sewing

The fun of the OH running a small seamstress business/webstore:
OH: I think demand for cloth facemasks is dropping off. No orders in 2 days, time to go back to making normal clothing
*3 orders appear in 2 minutes*
OH: ah someone with 160k followers on twitter just tweeting about my masks...

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