Peeps, pls remember dat on Mastodon even *DMs n private toots* are visible to d Instance's Admins

Pls exercise caution while sharing private info/pix etc over DMs here...

@Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid
@discoursehacker pls Boost n spread d word

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Use an end to end encrypted messaging app like for private communication. #matrix #riot It is also decentralized and Free Software powered like #Mastodon #FreeSoftware

@Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid

@stux @Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid
Thx for confirming dat!!
The Medium article I quoted must've gotten it wrong 😅💁‍♂️

Btw, are DMs not visible to mods in ALL instances, or is it specific to only??

@Ruminess @indiantoolmaker @Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid

🔸Ok so here's d catch, u shared d policy page for the '' instance, n therefore doesn't cover those of us in the '' instance

🔸@/ (admin for mstdn) confirmed yday itself dat his instance's ( mods don't hv access to their users' DMs

🔸But now @Gargron needs to confirm what d privacy policies for our instance ( are 😐🤷‍♂️

Does dis explain it??

@Lord_VoldeMaut @Ruminess @indiantoolmaker @Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid Mods/admins don’t have access to DMs from the Mastodon interface but database owner can retrieve them (root access). This is outlined in our privacy policy

@Gargron @Lord_VoldeMaut @Ruminess @indiantoolmaker @Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid Thank you Eugen@Gargron for providing this platform, I have had enough of toxic twitter and was seriously considering to shut all social media off, I hope you can keep this hate free.

@bisaat @Gargron

DMs are encrypted already (that's why moderators have no way to read them) but the encryption key is in the instance's database. That's why root (instance's administrator) is not supposed to access the DMs (and decent ones do not) but technically they can do it.
What you're asking is end-to-end encryption and some people are working on it but on pleroma (and maybe some Mastodon forks, I'm not sure) rather.

Thanks for the explanation. end-to-end encryption would be a great addition to this platform.

@Lord_VoldeMaut @Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid like it's not visible by admins on twiter instagram facebook etc...
people know that why its called direct message rather than private message... right?

Oh yes. Very important. It applies to basically all social networks, those that don't allow p2p communications.
@Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid

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