I just dropped the tick ✅ from my handle here on Mastodon. Here's why...


Thought u might like my 2-cents on Mastodon's ubiquitous blue ticks!! 👆😊


@Lord_VoldeMaut at the same time you can show them how to many ticks after their name, to show the full potential of free software


Smash ALL hierarchies
Or we'll keep giving birth to new forms of discrimination like caste, class n even divisive platforms like BirdSite 💁‍♂️👽


@KnottedBow @kaymkigl @wabbster @Lord_VoldeMaut Sure. Jst type type in pinafore on the search bar on chrome or whichevee browser u r using and u can add the wed app on your homescreen. U can set the background to light mode— shade options available.

@Lord_VoldeMaut @stux
Removed the tick. Using mastodon emojo instead. It looks way cooler. 😎

OCR Output (chars: 606) 

I don't want to legitimise the use of ticks
in handles yet again, as an indicator of
an account's perceived quality or

We moved to Mastodon to free
ourselves from this very discriminatory
classist structure on BirdSite where a
blue tick is like a knighthood - something
to covet, be envious of & eventually use
for greater clout!

We moved to Mastodon for equality,
transparency & fairness. Let's NEVER
forget that by letting a silly tick get in the
way (just because this platform allows

Our purpose here is greater! (2) @​ d

#TootNotTweet ly)

@Lord_VoldeMaut @Mayana it kind of worked this time I guess /shrug

Always better to do it yourself though.

@Lord_VoldeMaut Yep! Why have ticks when you can have mites, birds, animals or even people

Just take it as a humorous thing, we know we dont have verification one with a tick is like a parody of twitter and I like when I see a tick!!!

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