dosnt seem to matter what the platform is ill always find a way to accidently hit the retweet/toot button when i dont want to

It's Wednesday on Mastodon! You know what that means friends! Time to toot a fucked up glitched selfie. That's the rule I just made up

Hi im lotte and i can talk about chocolate and be boring about unity no matter what platform im on friend me

like... this is from a year ago but... i wouldn't be surprised if a modern MonoBehaviour is in the works now? the C# language/.net profile update fell off the roadmap seemingly due to MonoBehavious breaking the null conditional operator

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ahhhh ive ran out of hot chocolate powder what do help emergency T-T

oh gosh... i just stumbled on this whilst doing a google search and like... this is simultaneously the dumbest and best idea

can someone come make me hot chocolate and give me a cuddle? i think i need both

Listening to Rosie complain about Heros of the Storm, apparently blizzard patched it and updated the game servers but only pushed the patch to the US content servers? so people in the EU region cant play at the moment cos of a version mismatch.... Blizzard have been doing online like.. forever how do they fuck that up?

Hi I'm lotte i do that whole game dev thing, I'm CEO Princess @ Generic Evil Business Ltd and CoFounder/Code Maid @ I make stuff? I think girls are neat, cuddles are the best and chocolate is love

Can we get the mastodon devs to change the star in to a heart yet or do we have to wait a few years for that?

Time to get some work done! I'm going to boost the perf on this game *SO MUCH* like my life depends on it


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