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werewolf: w a n t me to bite you?
me: y e s
werewolf: do you mean this in a kinky way or a tf way?
me: yes

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@girls your handle gave me an amazing idea

the trans and the furious
2 trans 2 furious
the trans and the furious 3: mastodon drift
trans and furious
trans five
trans and furious 6
trans 7
the trans of the furious

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new phrase:

"thats not very *ones own mastodon instance* of you"

ex: thats not very of you

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Once, I saw a lesbian and now I’m blind because they were very beautiful.

imagine being straight haha lol that would suck

I want to write but writing is incredibly tiring

i cant wait for the day people will realize that every problem, no matter how big or how small, is temporary. no one is out to get you, nothing can hurt you. it will be okay!

No man is an island. Technically this is true of women as well, but enbies can be whatever they want. You couldn’t stop their raw energy even if you wanted to.

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