Your 1st episode of Yuudha was great. Loved the conversational format of it. Kinda reminded me of Dan Carlin.

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Asked my mom if they have bats in Afghanistan. Yes, and the Farsi name for it means โ€œleather butterfly.โ€ Beautiful.

Goddess Saraswati In Japan .

In Japan Goddess Saraswati Is Worshipped as Benzaiten :dab:

The answer is correct, but the reasoning is not.

The question isn't whether the views of the intolerant should be tolerated.

It is whether the intolerance should be tolerated. SHOULD be tolerated regardless of source.

Denial of is not , it is repression

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With regards to what Kunal did, here's something you all should read. It's called 'The paradox of tolerance'. Essential understanding in these trying times.

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For whoever needs to hear this: He isn't ignoring you, he is just sleeping or watching dumb YouTube videos


A few months back people in mandi praded an elderly woman with face blackened claiming her to be a witch..... Can't help but wonder is it something to do with the majority political ideology that's prevalent there?

2019-nCoV coronavirus 

I adamantly believe that your biggest problem IS the biggest problem out there. :thounking: :pensive_party_blob: :yikes:

Hey Inda whatsup
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โ€œToday, if the court has taken her back, this is clear acknowledgement that her original termination was wrong and likely malafide | @svaradarajanhttps://t.co/ZLVEZqctENโ€


Anything non political to follow? Please suggest.

@LowCrbnAman It still works, no? Write to yourself: the world is shit and everything sucks, but I've got myself and my wits and that's enough for today.

(+10 for using Joker in this context. This is a movie I vehemently hate.)

Types of wetlands 

Most carnivorous plant species live exclusively in wetlands habitats, where the lack of soil nutrients is what caused them to adapt to catch insects. Many have extremely small natural ranges. The venus flytrap is native only to coastal bogs in North and South Carolina. The cobra lily is only found wild in bogs with cold running water in Oregon and Northern California.
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r/MadeMeSmile - Adorable 4 month old identical twins notice each other for the first time and have a little chat

something to ease up the political tensions here....


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