@markosaric I just read your article on Cloudflare, have you some thought on the Netlify service too? netlify.com/products/analytics

La nouvelle version d'@antennapod@twitter.com est superbe ! Le thème sombre est 😍

My advice if you ever work for free for anyone: write them an invoice with the REAL value, and then add a 100% discount.
Even when you work for free, you want people to know that this work has value, some real one :)

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@plausible i just noticed there is no [More] on the browsers panel, is it on purpose ?

@plausible Hey guys, do you planned to add a lower range of pricing for very small websites (1k/5K pages/month) ? It would be more accessible for those who just have a small blog or website to track and a small bugdet for it.

Article intéressant sur l'utilisation de l'UTM pour diminuer le dark traffic et y voir plus clair dans votre outil d'analyse d'audience


Après plusieurs semaines de travail je viens de mettre à jour mon portfolio 🎉


Site créé avec @GoHugoIO@twitter.com et @Netlify@twitter.com 👌

Enfin le support de webp 👌

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What's in Safari Beta 14 for front-end && CSS? Here's some spark notes:

- WebP
- image-set() supports all other image functions
- :is() & :where()
- HSL color picker with P3 support
- Improved VoiceOver support
- .. more

full post 👉 developer.apple.com/documentat

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I really hope we see some new research come out around calculating contrast ratios soon because I'm seriously unconvinced that the formulas we follow today are actually creating the best results for users.

Current guidelines say you should be using black text on this button:

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Je cherche pour une école basée à Euratechnologies (Lille) un formateur UX (en remote) à hauteur de 3J par mois sur plusieurs mois. Est-ce que vous connaissez des gens intéressés ?

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