Tiny piezoelectric microphones in modern electronics can be spoofed with light. A "smart home" with voice-controlled access can be broken into using lasers. youtube.com/watch?v=ozIKwGt38L

The q-word? Really? 

@janacatti @SallyStrange This is it exactly. You can find TERF blogs going back to 2011-2012 discussing ways to foment transphobia and biphobia among younger people, especially on Tumblr, and the resurgence of "queer is a slur" can be directly traced to their astroturfing on Tumblr and Twitter. The idea has always been to make it harder to include bi and trans people under the same umbrella as gay and lesbian people.

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Making a first person viewed adventure game wasn't the obvious choice, so we created a document to educate everyone why it was right for the game. We even took pictures of @keeyaaaa@twitter.com and @residentveg@twitter.com outside in the grounds but I sadly can't find those

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More about "queer" 

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"“Queer” came to mean an opposition to assimilation - to straight culture, capitalism, patriarchy, and to upper class gays and lesbians who wanted to throw the rest of us under the bus for a seat at that table - and a solidarity among those marginalized for their sexuality/gender id/presentation."


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Doom was released 25 years ago today. It was about 2.39 MB, the size of an average webpage today. News sites average closer to 8 MB.

Please shotgun the javascript demons and make more efficient & accessible websites.

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My cat did not want to be at the vet today. So he kept sticking his head in this trash hole. I died.

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Please enjoy a few horribly cheesy and shitty greetings I've come up with. Feel free to add to

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tired: new years

wired: new ears. like cat ones. or whatever, i dunno. live your truth

gonna start a youtube channel where i watch angry video game videos and yell about them. i will be the Angry Angry Video Game Nerd Nerd

why can't my nvidia card just work and not crash constantly

I think I might start writing again soon.

Keep an eye out for links to my blog.

Got a twelve hour ban on birdsite thanks to allistic bullshit since apparently I'm not allowed to "threaten violence" against someone dehumanizing me but, y'know, Nazis.

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