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gonna throw a pRoPeR aNnOuNcEmEnT on the tweeter later but there it is

make a game based on famicase art

the jam page for this year is up

submissions are open

spread the word

go wild


cannot overemphasize how badly i misread this license plate

glob everyone i know is busy with gamescom bullshit i hate it

cursed with recognizing minor guest characters everywhere literally half my search requests are episode and actor names

mh, medication, bad takes 

wheres the skip intro button for waking up and getting out of bed

remember when voyager reduced the Q from these mysterious omnipotent space gremlins to u.s. civil war rednecks

i need someone like the artist she meets in those woods to tell me about overcoming mental blocks but like, every day

I think #infosec is really important. I use #linux instead of #windows, I dumped #facebook years ago, I have a #yubikey to use for everything. The kind of #technology we have to keep us safe and secure now are immense.
That reminds me, I should get #alexa to order me another yubikey

i'll never forgive youtubers for ruining the distinction between game theory and game studies

why, in 2019, would you make a game and only release it on ios

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