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hey icymi i'm running this chill annual game jam about turning fictional videogame cover art into the real thing:

it's 100% non-competitive, no judging or prizes or anything. submissions are open until august 31, maybe longer idunno

there's a really cool trailer this year too, check it out:

me: geez too many projects in parallel i have too many hobbies argh help

also me: *starts ten more things, opens 60 tabs*

tried LFS and couldn't even get the toolchain working lol

hahaha i did not know that Messier came up with his famous list of objects because he "was a comet hunter, and was frustrated by objects which resembled but were not comets, so he compiled a list of them... to avoid wasting time on them."

a reminder that the things you'll be remembered for might be the things you throw away while trying to do something else

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👋 ICYMI, I released a new bot this past weekend that makes new Animorphs covers: @animorphs

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So thoughts on today:

Whether or not Linus follows through with his reflection and finds a way to improve himself and make up for three decades of being hostile and regressive, I’m excited about the ripple effect of these things on the broader open source community.

Badass cross stitch.

(Gli psicologi esistono per un motivo.)


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messing w my wget settings, ignoring robots.txt and faking user agents and wondering at which point everything went wrong

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