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hey icymi i'm running this chill annual game jam about turning fictional videogame cover art into the real thing:

it's 100% non-competitive, no judging or prizes or anything. submissions are open until august 31, maybe longer idunno

there's a really cool trailer this year too, check it out:

There is something so fascinating about watching games being absolutely torn apart in the pursuit of optimized runs, and this piece by on Spelunky is no exception

Best thing on the internet for me right now

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adding lots of fine hair as detail is just a dick measuring contest of theoretically cool cgi tech running on infinite rendering farms and also the laziest most creatively bankrupt art direction to go in and thats all im gonna say

im sorry to announce that we had to break out the hot-water bottle

so it turns out the playstation classic is using the PCSX ReARMed core from RetroArch lol

castlevania s2 review: "what do you mean they killed my wife AND i'm dracula?!?"

been playing with it for two days and it's so much fun, i'm constantly discovering new amazing sounds

the i/o jack on the back is connected to the jumper sockets which means you can either use an external clock to change parameters or trigger stuff ooorrr you can patch stuff to the i/o and clock other things

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