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strace depression 2>/dev/null

12 am: installing all kinds of mad wine/dxvk hacks just to get this shit game to run on my shit laptop while its fans are preparing for liftoff ayyyyy

like it seems v well made and all but

maybe dont make games for always-listening surveillance capitalism enabling home devices?

just an idea

theres a person whose work i greatly admire but then they went ahead and made a game for fucking glob damn alexa

the dissonance is real


when you go on an internet archaeology spree trying to unearth all the now-404 defunct releases of your fav artist

what is it with academia and text-align justify

cant wait for this years e3 cringe compilations

thank you n++ for keeping me sane in this difficult time

added the worst incompetech jazz i could find to my project and now im wondering if ppl will get the joke

but also i dont really care

trying to write a progress report my professor asked for based on my changelog based on my unfunny, buggy af, barely working game lol

breaking my 'no memes' rule for this one

gdpr chess: geofucked, but only in europe