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make games based on the My Famicase Exhibition (or don't, who cares)

sep 1 - sep 30

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computers have cursed us with infinite distraction

we watched Escape From New York last night so i'm listening to mogi grumbles' tribute album today

i agree nicalis is bad and people should pirate the shit out of cave story and go buy kero blaster instead but come on

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"back in 2010 there were barely notable indie games" nice revisionism there dude, cool

“Beware of Artists” - Actual poster issued by Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950s, at height of the red scare.

this ikea desk chair has esd zapped me five times today what the fuck

just saw someone on itch asking for their money back after a dev made their game free two years post release

if anyone's looking for a "graphic design is my passion" example for today,

If you need a computer science degree or an equal amount of time spent in computer work/learning to operate your own server/instance/whatever software, it is not accessible to most people.

If you need a bunch of money to operate your own server/instance/whatever software, it is not accessible to most people.

Now think about who has the most time and money. Are those people going to create software that is safe for everyone to use? Of course not.

It's privilege all the way down.

why are e-ink displays so glob dang expensive this sucks

re: solar panel 

@paniq re: solar panel

yeah, i've been thinking about running my websites at home from a pi, solar powered. we even got a nice south facing balcony. my biggest issues with this are initial cost and somehow keeping the battery from freezing during winter

splicing a gamecube controller onto an ethernet cable and using melee tech skill to bitbang horrible takes onto the fediverse

all these dedicated writing devices in my feed lately, maybe i should find a decent screen for a pi and figure out how to set up a zero distractions ramdisk that boots straight into a text editor and nothing else hmm

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