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hey icymi i'm running this chill annual game jam about turning fictional videogame cover art into the real thing:

it's 100% non-competitive, no judging or prizes or anything. submissions are open until august 31, maybe longer idunno

there's a really cool trailer this year too, check it out:

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also great: the cdu making asses of themselves trying to react to that whole thing

watched the rezo video and i gotta say i'm surprised how well researched this dude is for a youtuber lol

you know what else had a crank controller? that's right

the dreamcast

why would you put a crank on it and not have it charge the device

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theres a party this friday they call "geek pride" which will be a good opportunity for them to show off what they've made

""running"" a """workshop""" this week by which i mean yesterday i told a bunch of students about my winnitron and how to make games for it and im gonna check on them again tomorrow

me at 15: faith of the heart? oh no wheres my orchestral theme what have they done with star trek

me at 20: yup still hate it

me at 30: ok it's not that bad but the s3-s4 version is worse

me today:




@xj9 I'm so tired of the extreme anti-privacy movement.

* Not caring if millions of accounts get leaked
* Considering lack of security as merely a cost of doing business
* Not caring whether people get doxed or harassed or outed
* Assuming that data created by people always belongs to the megacorp
* These cosy relationships with letter agencies are oh so predictable
* The culture of embedding off-site links into web software so that they give companies a lot of data about how people are using it
* Assuming its ok to have telemetry on by default without telling the user or having any kind of informed consent

Throw chocolate and strawberry milkshakes!

Antivanilla Action

nerf gun but for shooting those little yakult capsules at politicians and billionaires who think they can just "go out in public"

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