Five year anniversary of Flappy Bird being removed from the app store!!! Yes I was radicalized by Flappy Bird thanks for asking!!

@Ludonaut IT WAS SO TRANSPARENT like... where were The Nintendo Copyright Defender clowns when Braid was making even more money than what this tiny mobile game was getting from a single app ad banner? The guys at polygon and kotaku who encouraged that narrative will have to really turn their lives around for me not to roll my eyes at literally any of their opinions in the future


@coleoptera that was the worst thing right? even if that bogus "asset rip" argument were true, to stan for a megacorp making billions while sacrificing some unseen vietnamese developer for the audacity to vaguely resemble some two decades old pixels uhhhh

the poor guy received death threats over this

AND THEN two weeks later all was forgotten and people continued to listen to the gamesdudes who stoked those fires in the first place like nothing ever happened, ffs

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