Yeah, so I finally built myself a proper personal website

@Ludonaut Sure!
On the tech side, I've spent some time making sure things load and display properly across connections and browsers
Visually, I'm prioritising readability, with a slight accessibility compromise for less disruptive links (no underline)
As for the content, I'm not sure yet how much I should break off into separate pages (like and how much feels right to keep on the main page.



re: readability / visuals:

try adding line-height to those paragraphs, it does wonders for readability! anything between 1.5 and 2 should do, depending on your preferences.

the headlines could use some tweaking on their margins. i think more whitespace couldn't hurt. it's all a little cramped vertically (on that note why is there a negative margin value on subheadings?)

personally i'm not a fan of text-align: justify. but if that's a design choice you like you should stick to it!

Justify: I like the way it keeps things aligned with the images, but you're not the first to tell me this bothers them, so I'm going to see how I feel about it turned off

Line height: The paragraphs themselves feel nicer with more space, but I feel like the page feels "loose", rather than "aerated"

@Ludonaut The default whitespace on the headers makes them float away from the paragraph they're attached to. I might have overdone the negative margin, but i feel like they need to be pulled in a little, at least

@Ludonaut I've added in the 1.5 line-height, tweaked the margins a little, and have switch to default text-align: left

I'm still thinking about what to do with the header links. I'm not comfortable making the whole header into a link. I might remove the arrow links, but I like how they look so they're staying for now

@gaeel it's all a matter of personal preference, really. do what you feel is best imo

if you're interested in typography i can recommend

they have a very sane no-bullshit approach, and i love their "in ten minutes" / "summary of key rules" sections

(on the other hand, following all that stuff to the letter leads to clean but extremely boring results)

@Ludonaut If you want to see how it looks with these changes, you might want to do a force refresh, since I'm using caching (check the footer says "Last built: 3 March 2019 - 16:00:28")

@Ludonaut I tweaked a few more things, thanks for the feedback ;)

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