Can't really raise much of a fuck over the yellow executive toy, tbh.


@RobF i mean, it's neat but not anywhere near 150 bucks neat

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@RobF also as a dev platform it's 100% going to stay closed source / hyperexclusive as hell which makes me immediately lose all interest tbh

@Ludonaut @RobF I'm really hoping that this creates a whole offshoot of overly expensive handheld systems with weird controlstyle additions. Still hoping for something you can control with your nose, to be honest.

@Ludonaut "artisanal gameboy" is a really good answer to "so where do you think games are at right now"

@Ludonaut @RobF given everything else about it i initially assumed it would require a mac to develop for or something ludicrous like that. apparently "C or Lua" can be used, so if it's somewhere in the ballpark of PICO-8 that would be reasonable.

@jplebreton @RobF yea that was my first impression as well. oh that company makes mac software, i bet theyve never heard of free software then

@Ludonaut @RobF sounds like the SDK and simulator might be mac-only. LOL

@jplebreton @RobF figures LOL

also looks like it has no backlight thats the last of my interest gone

@Ludonaut @RobF they are apparently just gonna release an SDK for download

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