@Ludonaut this looks like one of those Gameboy magnifying glass/lamp/joystick/speaker attatchments

@Ludonaut looks to me that innovation made a wrong turn somewhere

@Ludonaut This is not a substantial contribution to the topic, but I think I just fell in love. At least a bit.

the heck is happening in the area that usually carries corporate spam stickers with special anti removal adhesive?

strange thing, it looks to me almost like a projection

@s_ol @Ludonaut

The final 7 inch display is embedded in the palm rest and it supports multi-touch input, giving you an interactive display panel beneath the laptop’s motherboard.

now thats a #cyberdeck although it should not be done with intel cpus 😎

@Ludonaut side bonus, gonna be ripped as from that 40kg backback battery

@Ludonaut Does this make a transformer sound when unfolding? If it doesn't, I don't want it.

@paul shut up and take my money!
Oh, wait, I probably won't be able to afford this... so...

shut up and get me the money for this crazy beauty! ;)

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