such a shame that CDE while somehow still working in 2020 has too many security issues to use for real because it's still so dang beautiful i mean just look at it

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that dithering and those icons and windows decorations were peak linux desktop

@Ludonaut I mainly just want the look of the titlebars and widgets, with anti-aliased text and customizable colors, in an otherwise modern desktop.

@jplebreton pixel perfect bitmap fonts forever. i still use terminus but at some point hidpi monitors will ruin that too

@Ludonaut always found CDE to be ugly and unusable, but 4dwm on the other hand was beautiful and ergonomic

@Ludonaut CDE is amazing. I am still surprised no one has taken it up to patch it. I mean it would be a lot of work but still I'd love to see it live on in everyday life.

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