Something that AFAICT doesn't exist that would have value: a FOSS Super Mario (SMB1/2/3/World) "port" that functions like most Doom ports, ie you provide the copyrighted content (ROMs) and the code is a faithful, legally unencumbered reverse engineering of the original games. Mods could be easily distributed as single-file archives of json maps, PNG tilesheets, some simple music/sound format.

@jplebreton (you probably already know this, but for everyone else) "cleanly reverse-engineered" is a big part of the problem. You have to either recreate it the best you can from *playing* the game (possible but difficult for action games), or you have to clean-room it by having separate people read and re-implement. There are a bunch of Nintendo projects on GitHub now, but they're all just cleaned up decompilations, which is technically a derivative and violates copyright.


@impiaaa @jplebreton this is such a dangerous problem to have that the dolphin devs are extremely careful about not accidentally accepting contributions from people who might just have *looked at* sdk's (or, say, the recently leaked material)

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