these LEDs are smol... that's my pinky there on the side.


@s_ol jeeeez please tell me youve got a hot air station

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the fablab does 😉
The MCU is also QFN, would've never attempted this without a hot air station (and I might yet fail, at least a couple of times)

@s_ol qfn hmm. i guess with the right chisel tip, lots of flux and some skillfull drag soldering...

some day i'll buy that hakko and it's gonna be awesome haha

I think you might be thinking of QFP? The N in QFN standa for "No-Lead", they either have only very small or no contracts on the side at all and can only really be reflowed on...

@s_ol by the way those pcbs are very pretty, nice work on the silkscreen

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