9front nazi bs 

@stevelord hey, i just read your plan9 article and wanted to thank you for calling the 9front people out on their nazi bullshit

as a German, that stuff is just incredibly gross, and watching them go "no you don't get it it's actually ironic you see" just like the suckless fashs (who think Fackelmärsche are somehow funny) had me bounce off of the entire thing hard, last time i checked it out. so thanks.


9front nazi bs 

@stevelord as the saying goes, if there's a nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there to discuss his views, you got 11 nazis at the table

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9front nazi bs 

@Ludonaut I'm not sure I agree with that last point. There is definitely a problem, but I think/hope the problem is more one of maturity than wolves in the flock.

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