A Game By Its Cover 2021

AUG 1 — 31

Make things inspired by fictional game cartridge art in this non-competitive game jam.

Announcement Video:

Jam page on itch:

If you want to help out, please spread the word! Here's the announcement over on Hellbird:

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shout out to @dom who has been working real hard on this design despite the flooding around here!

if you are having trouble picking a famicase cart, both pyrofoux and baku have updated their browsing helpers:

submissions are now open:

make a game (or whatever) inspired by fictional game cartridge art

(you've got a month)

oh hey it's a totally out of nowhere two week deadline extension:

go turn fictional game cartridges into real games

@Ludonaut every time agbic comes around I am swamped with work but this is mighty tempting 👀

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