@nihilazo have you tried syncing it with mGB? it's also not bug-free but easier when you just want to use the dmg as an instrument

@s_ol no, just had it in my feed due to their latest update or whatever

@neauoire damn thats saying a lot about the state of the web and personal computing in general huh

oh hey it's a totally out of nowhere two week deadline extension: itch.io/jam/a-game-by-its-cove

go turn fictional game cartridges into real games

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sarky, climate catastrophe 

@outie this made me think of that fermi paradox article on fictional post-apocalyptic "second attempt" civilizations and how they wouldn't work in the real world because the earth has been strip-mined too much at this point to try again ..... :(

@halcy and they were so good too!! glob i wish they hadn't canceled that show

@syntacticsugarglider @eris @neauoire honestly, business-brain poisoned lenses like HN are the reason why anticapitalist licenses are so important

'edm' stands for 

eeeentelligent dance music

eggcorn of the day, cognitohazard do not open 


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