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Just a heads up for non-socialist Mastodon users: if someone says they’re “ML” it means they’re Mario-Luigiist (aka they only play the original Super Mario Bros. games, no spin-offs).

Watched Tokyo Godfathers for the first time tonight and it was really good.

I don’t know what happened but like 75% of the stuff I loved in college makes me cringe now.

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I think a good example of my character progression since college is when I switched over from thinking the Decemberists were quirky and fun to thinking they’re trying too hard.

By the way, me and some fellow leftie folks from Twitter have a World of Warcraft guild on Moonguard. We’re hoping to do some progression through Shadowlands. If you’re interested just let me know.

[logs on]

timeline: deepthroating a bratty turkey

[logs off]

im going to eat a whole pumpkin pie tomorrow and i will feel 0 shame for it

i am actually the pumpkin spice bitch, its very shameful

there's a particular type of person that talks about books like they fuck them; and these people, in my opinion, should be the only ones in jail

(reading the brothers karamazov) this is so bloated. terrible writing

If you so much as even think about writing the word that corresponds with this character’s emotion, it’s over. I’m done with you. You’re a hack.

@LuigiEsq don't tell that he's crying, tell that he's shaking and that tears run down his cheeks instead

wait no, don't tell that he's shaking and that tears run down his cheeks, tell that his muscles are having multiple spasms and that his eyes are producing salt water that due to gravity is following a vertical route through his face's meat instead

no wait,

Listen you can like Malazan and dislike another book for completely arbitrary and even selfish or stupid reasons, but just say that. You don’t need to make up some faux-critique in order to justify it.

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Imagine complaining about a book being bloated and boring and then going “unlike Malazan.” Zero credibility.

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'show don't tell' is actually pretty bad writing advice

you'd think the only thing you could do thru writing is to tell, but no, thanks to our latest new patch you're gonna be able to show stuff too, as if it was a visual medium

I don’t know why I do it but I frequent the fantasy subreddit and am convinced I would just be the meanest asshole to these people of I met them in real life. They’re so goddamned pretentious but in a way that makes it clear they’re just parroting phrases about writing that they read on, like, LiveJournal in 2003. You can say “show don’t tell” all you want but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still meaningless.

I follow an adorable gay Scottish man from the Hebrides on TikTok who posts videos of himself boating around the North Atlantic and cooking sweets and snacks for his partner and his content is the only thing getting me through quarantine right now.

Going to the grocery store wish me luque (fancy luck)

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