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Just a heads up for non-socialist Mastodon users: if someone says they’re “ML” it means they’re Mario-Luigiist (aka they only play the original Super Mario Bros. games, no spin-offs).

Suddenly obsessed with terrible fantasy book names but made super gay.

Wait hold on this is by the same author. I take it all back. This man can do no wrong.

I’m sorry. I really am. This book might be legitimately great—I’m honestly open to the possibility—but the bio reads like it’s trying Way Too Hard to capture that Pratchett/Gaimanesque quirkiness.

“Baby” is a social construct created by the forces of capital to keep the working class neutered and harmless. “You” are not “baby” any more than a prisoner is their chains. “Baby” does not exist in any way but as a tool with which the capitalist may infantilize and oppress you.

The suited freaks at WB can make Velma as hot as they want but she’ll never replace Thorn, my first ever childhood crush.

There’s a mirror version of the Fediverse called the Fetteredverse and it’s full of evil versions of ourselves that we have to fight.

Image from page 157 of "Human conduct; a textbook in general philosophy and applied psychology for students in high schools" (1918)

woke Christians love Pete Buttigieg because he lets them say “see? I like gay people!” while still getting to be afraid of poor people and minorities

when someone tags their selfie “ec” it means “ectoplasm” and warns you to be wary of ghost activity associated with their picture

I'm only going to do good posts from now on

listen. there are finite ways of arranging matter in conjunction with the laws of physics. i did not "invent" the Gay Car, i discovered it

I love the aesthetic of mixing 19th century industrial with solar

I wonder if a lawyer has ever accidentally said "now I'm not a lawyer, but," in court

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