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Just a heads up for non-socialist Mastodon users: if someone says theyโ€™re โ€œMLโ€ it means theyโ€™re Mario-Luigiist (aka they only play the original Super Mario Bros. games, no spin-offs).

I have a firm belief that if Matt didnโ€™t have the Chapo brandโ€™s baggage he would do very well on Mastodon.

@LuigiEsq I loved Tallahassee and the Sunset Tree but their last 45 albums haven't done much for me

Iโ€™m the only bearded white guy on earth who doesnโ€™t really like mountain goats that much I think

just got 2 rose emojis in my name. guess what?


pepsi: [making love to his wife]
pepsiโ€™s wife: what are you doing on your phone
pepsi: nothing
pepsiโ€™s wife: youโ€™re boosting coochie elf, arenโ€™t you

yeah, Iโ€™m sorry. Itโ€™s not even fair. I donโ€™t understand how people think they should know what they do to you. Itโ€™s just like, I wanna was the way to you. Yeah thatโ€™s fine Iโ€™ll let yโ€™all go. Itโ€™s just a bummer but thatโ€™s what I do.

gonna write my next toot completely with predictive text hope it works!

almost posted something facebook wine mom adjacent but stopped myself in time

Smdh what kinda name is Garth. Sith Lord honorific sounding ass Wayneโ€™s World motherfuckin name.

the opening of Black Skinhead but it's Waluigi going "Wahh"

@larrydavis @LuigiEsq but to be fair he has a plan to go down in a blaze of glory

Iโ€™m kind of shocked when I see someone from .social still hanging around. a relic from the past

gonna post my creative writing on wattpad then get mad when no one pays attention to it because it's not another supernatural YA book or slash fiction.

Made it to 8k before I remembered I have homework. Back to writing stuff about law QQ

(I actually don't hate it I promise, otherwise I wouldn't be here)

sure the first 15 minutes of Up were pretty sad but have you ever seen anything like this?

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