2018 - everyone gets banned from twitter, moves to mastodon

2019 - mastodon sold to OverCorp for $3,200,000,000, begins harvesting user data and selling it to contract killers

2020 - everyone moves to Meow, the delightful cat-based social network

2021 - Meow sold to Raytheon for $600,000,000,000

@LuigiEsq you may be joking, but there already is - Hong Kong based social network (but not only for cat fans as name suggests)

@LuigiEsq That's the beautiful thing about Mastodon, though! 😊 It can't be bought because the source code is freely available, so Mastodon instances can be replaced easily. 😊 That, and the decentralized nature of it ensures that everyone doesn't have to move at once to a single place.

The lack of a single point of entry guarantees that not all of Mastodon can be controlled 😊

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