Just a heads up for non-socialist Mastodon users: if someone says they’re “ML” it means they’re Mario-Luigiist (aka they only play the original Super Mario Bros. games, no spin-offs).

@LuigiEsq online is a wonderful platform for political education, thakn you for lifting us all up, intelectually

@LuigiEsq ancom — an comprehensive Mario game player, plays them all

@LuigiEsq hm, as a Kirbyist I need to start beef with the MLs about that time Kirby got ousted and then killed in Mexico

Just kidding, Kirby ate the assassin

@LuigiEsq I am an ML too. It must only be Mario-Luigi, nothing more

@LuigiEsq lollll I just tried to quote tweet you and failed. But still lol

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