song length acceptability:

2 and under: kinda short but alright
2 - 3 minutes: succinct but sweet
3 - 4 minutes: perfect
4 - 5 minutes: cool beans
5 - 6 minutes: alright, calm down
6 - 7 minutes: Fuck You
7+ minutes: this better be some fucking Pink Floyd shit

@LuigiEsq bat out of hell is around the 10 minute mark and is amazing

@Ivafakename oh yeah there are tons of great songs over 7 minutes but usually I roll my eyes if I pull something up and I see like 9:17 as the runtime

@LuigiEsq the original version of iron butterfly's inna-gadda-da-Vida is 17 minutes long

@LuigiEsq that’s what some are saying about the new Tool album. That the songs are too long. The first single was 11 minutes

@bitter_buffalo @LuigiEsq I wonder if those complaining that the songs are too long have listened to any Tool songs that aren't on the radio

@LuigiEsq Good luck wading into progressive rock then. Half the songs are going to be north of 6 minutes

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