Hi I’m a burly white man with a beard and I’ve just started a brewery. It’s called Wolf Maiden Brewing and the logo is a heavy metal version of Little Red Riding Hood. We only make terrible $11 IPA’s called like The Wicked Woodsman.

@LuigiEsq do you have any terrible novelty beers with weed in them

@BDA yes that would be Grandma’s Big Eye’d Brew, a double IPA with .01 grams of THC that tastes like liquid skunk

@LuigiEsq excellent, i'll take an awkwardly large bottle that is literally impossible to clean

I'd bet my last fucking dollar that you could find something like this but it has cbd instead of thc

@MrJimmy @LuigiEsq i've seen ads around town for an IPA called "the hemperor"
i didn't care enough to find out exactly how it worked

@dankwraith la.. gur? hmm. not sure I’ve ever heard of that before. Is it a type of pale ale?

@LuigiEsq hi, I'm Bryce Youngquist. I will be hanging around your brewery at all hours of the day talking about a white collar job of indeterminate nature and/or my romantic woes unless paid.

@LuigiEsq the level of collaboration on this joke is a thing of beauty

@LuigiEsq Good old fashioned American pisswater >>>>> overhopped bullshit.

@LuigiEsq Hello! My fiance and I are looking for a fun place for our reception. How much would it cost to rent out the brewery?

@LuigiEsq My cousin's incredibly drunk hen do (aka bachlorette party) are all in ubers, on their way to your tap room right now.

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