youve been hecked by

youve been borked by

a smol criminal

just gonna keep boosting this until it does triple digits completely out of spite towards eve

@LuigiEsq wow you removed the fucking content warning. despicable

@LuigiEsq this is going to get so many unironic boosts and i'm gonna be fucking pissed.

@citrustwee @LuigiEsq i dont get it
is there some private joke i don't see here? :blobtilt:

@citrustwee i decided that this website didnt deserve a warning to this. im a little bit.. twisted

@LuigiEsq you can't just fucking post it again god damn it

@LuigiEsq boosting with my clout account to spite eve because shes trying to boomerlight me about the moon

i am adding everyone who boosts this luigi toot to my blocklist ^

@citrustwee I removed my boost but then, to make sure I didn’t lose track of this post and accidentally boost it again, I boosted it again to remember to unboost it

@Ophillous @citrustwee you always have some weird shit to say and I love it

Eve, are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Eve?

@Absolutely_Blakely for every funny poster with good taste i lose, i will gain three heckin doggo lovin normies

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