I’m not sure why people think otherwise, but takes a hardline stance against rightwing rhetoric, users, and instances. Anyone claiming the contrary is either lying or uniformed.

@LuigiEsq get eugen to put the block in the nodeinfo or the api and then people will stop giving m.s shit on moderation

@Gargron @LuigiEsq if m.s (and other instance) are programaticaly transparent about instance block, there will be no one speculating on what is an what isnt block by m.s

The post above was explicitely a complain about people giving grief to m.s aboit their moderation.
Making it visible would stop the rumour mill

@kyzh @Gargron @LuigiEsq Why would other instances or some metadata service need to know about the policy?

On the other hand it would be nice if users of an instance had an option to view their local instance blocks, since that's something that directly affects their user experience.

@galaxis pleroma does that and shows who they block.

Maybe because they have a bad rep, maybe because they had to be really forward to show that they are not just softwarre for nazi.

I'm not saying it has to be mandatory, giving the admin the choice would be best imo

@kyzh @LuigiEsq People who create malicious rumours about will not move on just because there's some API endpoint. It's just as easy to check by logging into and searching for an account, why is that not being used to verify rumours? We even publish a list of blocked domains manually.

@kyzh @LuigiEsq Also reminder: People created a rumour that I didn't pay Noelle and started a campaign to defederate from because of it despite Noelle coming out to say that it wasn't true and she was paid fairly. Engaging those people on facts does not seem to me like a productive use of time.

@Gargron @LuigiEsq
I agree with you, some people will still make them rumours. but the fact checking will be easier.

You mean this list ?

Great that it exist, not sure it confer the same as a systemic solution.

@dpwiz pleroma already display that. Mastodon Social already maintain a list manually.

it is already there, hasn't been abused as far as I know


@kyzh @LuigiEsq Spammers may use that to take evasive action instead of wasting resources being shadowbanned.

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