back when I was your age, you could get an easy 50+ boosts from simply posting “I’ve the gay.” But the bottom’s just completely fallen out. Economy’s not like what it used to be — meme saturation, I think. You’ve gotta work to break even 30 boosts these days.

People point to viral post by cloutillionaires like Garfield as proof that the contentconomy isn’t hurting, but they forget the normal poster. The federated timeline used to make or break popular posts, but it’s a close circuit now — more followers you have, the easier it is to go viral. And that’s just how the meme oligarchs want it. They’re hoarding all the clout at the top, while the vast majority of posting class users go without even 10 collective boosts a day.


But I want to change that. I want a Fediverse for the small account, by the small account. That’s why I’m proud to announce my candidacy for 2020 admin elections. I’m running for the position of Eugen because I believe we can return to the days of our foreposters, when boosts and favs flowed free — instead of being siphoned up by a small cabal of cloutlords.

@LuigiEsq @Gargron I'd like to formally declare my opposition to your candidacy on the grounds that you will be beholden to a certain man in Rome.

@LuigiEsq Seeing a cloutillionaire like yourself running on this populist rhetoric is quite frankly sickening

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