@LuigiEsq What about transbians? Seem so abundant to me here.

@LuigiEsq it's funny because i am a leftist and an OSS enthusiast

so it's a weird straddling

@LuigiEsq thank you for representing me (the french) in this meme image

@LuigiEsq I haven't laughed this hard in quite a while


I also ghoulishly enjoy that it mocks real problems! lovely

@sydneyfalk I do enjoy mocking the ol' real problem every now and then!


Yes, suffering is hilarious if one channels their worst self! The internet taught me. ^_^


I'm aware, and desperate to become less shitty than that over time. That's part of why I'm leaving this exchange now!

You be well! ^_^

@LuigiEsq okay but really where are the boomers

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