haha yeah has a discord but im not invited to it because they found out about my plan to create wtfno, a podcast with the exact opposite energy. it will likely tear the fediverse apart with its negativity.

im vetting the worst people i can find to be hosts and im just gonna set them up to talk about things that will make everyone sad and angry

let me be clear that i dont actually know if there is a hahayeah discord and was just looking for an easy way to debut my wtfno joke

so far the hosts will be TJ and Larry with a rotating guest taken from the most loathsome and notorious reply guys on mastodon

@LuigiEsq let me be on it so I can talk about how much javascript sucks and make fart noises into the mic whenever someone mentions comic book characters

@tjmuessig @LuigiEsq
oh no. if we're on at the same time its gonna be nonstop farts

@larrydavis @tjmuessig this is gold.. fools gold that is! but in a good way, because thats what im looking for, which means it will be perfect.. perfectly awful! but again I must stress that such a result is my goal in producing this,

@larrydavis @LuigiEsq hang on I'm gonna go check and see if nonstop.farts is available

@LuigiEsq i don't have time to be there every week though

@LuigiEsq I've never listened to haha yeah but I read the post that garf made, so I'll just go off that when trying to be the polar opposite.

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