One thing I love about the Fediverse is that with every new migration, the newcomers almost instantly *get it,* and you see tons of posts about how Mastodon should not allow influencers and big media personalities to take over this place like they did with Twitter.

It's really cool how this is almost always instantly and intuitively understood despite the differences inherent in each migration.

@LuigiEsq a social network focused on big celebrities there for the image is not "social"

@restioson @LuigiEsq the logical conclusion to this is onlyfans, a parasocial network

@LuigiEsq August migration 🤝 Tumblr migration 🤝 November migration
"Fuck the celebs"


i saw eugen post the fat yoshi emoji in a thread and people seemed to love it immediately, proving that our on-boarding protocols work!

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