How I Defeated Fascism With the Power of Love

by Luigi


Chapter 1: The Power of Love

The first step in my journey was realizing that it is impossible to defeat fascism with the power of love.

Chapter 2: The Power of Incredible Violence


I prefer to think of it as "participating directly in the great circle of life", but phrasing is a complex topic. let's debate it for six thousand posts

(DISCLAIMER: let's not, no offense but I'd rather repetitively stress my arms into falling off via games)

@LuigiEsq it took Quentin Tarantino 5 chapters and 2 and a half hours to get where you get in 2 chapters and 1 post

@LuigiEsq counterpoint: the incredible violence can (and should) be inspired by love for the people the fascists are targeting?

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, fascism 

@LuigiEsq shencomix/superdorks.png

@LuigiEsq how do I pin someone else's post? This is LITERALLY my favourite post ever

@LuigiEsq Chapter 3: Not needing no credit card to ride this train

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