Just because coronavirus won’t be the next Spanish Flu doesn’t mean it can’t cause a ton of deaths due to preventable failures in global public health infrastructure. It’s understandable to be worried about the significant number of people with immunocompromisation or comorbidity. There’s a difference between blatant fear-mongering and listening to actual epidemiologists, most of whom are genuinely concerned that could, or will, become a pandemic.



It’s annoying to see the same people who dunk on climate change deniers for ignoring climate scientists totally disregarding infectious disease experts and acting like it’s all smoke and mirrors. I doubt it’ll kill 500,000,000 people — and maybe it WILL fizzle out — but there’s just not enough information out there yet to being making proclamations as laypeople. We don’t even know the r0 or CFR for certain. Listen to experts; it doesn’t hurt to be a *little* wary.

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Decided I should repost with a CW. Sorry for the repetition lol.

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