if flowless is the goku of and eugen is the kami of i assume this makes me the piccolo of -- former villain turned good guy.

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@healyn @LuigiEsq @tarzanboy
see this is why i should be yamcha. he does nothing of note except die and be nervous near girls. also he's a pervert

@sexybenfranklin @larrydavis @healyn @tarzanboy I mean healyn is the one constantly getting owned. do you remember the shirt thread?

@LuigiEsq @sexybenfranklin @healyn @tarzanboy
yeah but yamcha also doesnt care. and yamcha remains alone for his entire life, krillin at least ends up with android 18, which i think Healyn could pull off

@tarzanboy @larrydavis @sexybenfranklin @healyn hmmm i'm deputizing Larry to take over this, he's clearly more qualified than me

@LuigiEsq @tarzanboy @sexybenfranklin @healyn
tarzanboy is closest to a Vegeta. physical, interest in things that are Badass (i bet he has a pink BADMAN shirt), rejects women except when he doesn't

@sexybenfranklin @healyn @LuigiEsq @tarzanboy
i think Healyn is a perfect Krillin tbh. bald, does his best, is the strongest human (which means he sucks in comparison to the monkey-aliens, but hey, it's something)

@LuigiEsq I can tell from the image on the Dragon Ball wiki, this dude fucks. Thanks Weeg

@sexybenfranklin yeah he's pretty cool actually. the only owns are krillin and yamcha

@sexybenfranklin @LuigiEsq he can explode himself and die and also do psychic stuff Its pretty cool

@larrydavis @LuigiEsq If I orbit around you, it's only cause your fat ass has a huge gravitational pull.

@LuigiEsq SelfAgency lurking here with a secret alt is basically like Freiza having to sit in the afterlife and hear about how powerful Goku is

@LuigiEsq @Suplex frieza was just trying to organise hip-hop concerts with saiyan and namekian rappers, with a defunct project called the planet trade organisation, with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence thru the arts

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