Don't you know? The only weapons women in fantasy can use are staffs, bows, or daggers -- but only if they're waifish street urchins who the protagonist initially mistook for a boy at first, due to her trousers and short hair.

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I shit you not I've seen this "initially mistook for a boy because of her short hair" trope in like, five or six different books. It's like they're following a template.

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Hate-reading political books: impossible

Hate-reading awful fantasy: the only thing that keeps me going

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@LuigiEsq did i ever tell you about the fantasy novels by a lad i worked with where a character was literally called 'Westeroe'

@bogperson420 No!! That is incredible. Thankfully my OC, Mordoria, doesn't have that problem.

@bogperson420 fucking wait omg did he really name his dark wizard villain Lordich Secracar? Yeah dude this is my main antagonist, Darknethe Wizroden.

@LuigiEsq And his friend, Evi L'Mageikan. i completely forgot about that, might have to give the preview a look again.

@bogperson420 I seriously cannot tell whether or not that's a joke name

@bogperson420 @LuigiEsq theres some books that i read and i'm like "i could never write anything this good, theres no point even trying" this is the opposite of that

@LuigiEsq I'm going to guess there's a paragraph not too long after that's along the lines of "now that he had had a better look, she was very feminine indeed", followed by a description of her curves

@emptyfortress you have no idea how on the money you are with this. Like, I'm not even exaggerating. It's maddening.


I wish it was only in bad fantasy books, I've seen it in pretty much every genre of fiction

the extra spicy version of the trope has the character described as a roguish, untrustworthy, sexualised twink, before the big reveal

the good old "ah ah made you thirst after a dude" literary technique, truly a sign of talent, and not homophobic or misogynistic at all 🙃

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