Jackdaw and Jackdaw's sister's posting styles are so similar that I'm not sure one isn't just a sockpuppet account run by the other. Whether it's Jackdaw pulling a fast one on us or his sis' was the mastermind behind the fictitious bird this whole time remains to be seen.

@LuigiEsq this is jackdaw’s world and we’re living in it

@yo @LuigiEsq

so commences my apology tour for the state of the world!!



real sorry, my bad.


i didn't mean for most of this.

sorr, oh i got you already.



this world? yeah, not what i had intended. sorry.

sorry 'bout this.

sorry for the world.

my sincerest apologies. know that i have spent an entire evening reflecting on this, and i promise not to do it again.

sorry for those trees that smell like jizz in the spingtime.

sorry... ⌛ 🗺️

@LuigiEsq Please, if I was going to be a puppet I'd be made out of a much higher quality material than a mere mortal sock.

@LuigiEsq This is slander and I shan't entertain it. Slander! Or, well, technically, libel.

@LuigiEsq When I first saw them talking before the introduction post I thought he was testing out an advanced new post-bot that had been trained on his own posts

@witchfynder_finder @LuigiEsq How do you know HE hasn't been trained on MY own posts, tucked away in a secreted creche and hidden from prying eyes so the truth might not yet be revealed, HMM?

@JulietteStray @LuigiEsq This is also possible, I suppose I was engaging in jackdaw-centrism, and for that I apologise

@LuigiEsq @witchfynder_finder @JulietteStray We don't look alike?? And also when someone asked me to do porn with them like 3 weeks ago. I said no, so.

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