I hope Boston mobilizes against Walsh like NYC is currently doing against de Blasio. Marty has been promising to make Boston a better place for its Black citizens for five years now, but continues to do nothing but zealously protect the institutions that harm them the most — landlords, police, you name it.

Of course, he’s enormously popular with the city’s white residents — but also the city as a whole. In 2017 he beat Tito Jackson (himself a very popular Black city councilman) 65-33. It’s disheartening, but I’m staying optimistic that this could be a watershed moment. The last city council elections saw the council make a big shift towards more equitably reflecting the city’s demographics — it’s still not perfect, but better than before. Maybe the Mayor is next.

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The big problem here is the challenger question. Who would take him on? Most people I know in city politics say that Michelle Wu is the best bet, but apparently she might have Congressional ambitions. There’s also fellow councilwomen Kim Janey and Lydia Edwards. I really like Edwards because she was a labor attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services, so she has a lot of experience directly advocating for Boston’s workers against its (generally reactionary) business community.

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@LuigiEsq @Duende every fucking time cops riot hes out there thanking them like FUCKKKKKK OFFFFFFFFFF

@Hi_cial @Duende he’s like your classic Boston townie desperately clinging to the remnants of a Boston that doesn’t exist anymore. It hasn’t been a majority white city for a long time, but its politics are caught in the grip of people who were raised in that environment and thus perpetuate white supremacy. This city is still deeply affected by anti-black policies and sentiments, perpetuated by an increasingly small — but powerful, wealthy, and influential — enclave of white residents.

@Hi_cial @Duende and I should be clear, that talk of “increasingly small” is not to let MA off the hook. All those racist white residents just moved from Boston proper to the Boston suburbs. They’re still here. I was just referring specifically to city politics.

@LuigiEsq Mm yeah Marty "Let's Make Sure People Of Color Are Drowning In Parking Tickets To The Tune Of Thousands Of Dollars, Just To Start" Walsh.

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