People on Twitter are trying to make Olive Garden out to be some classic working class institution while implying that hating on it is bourgeois liberal pretentiousness.

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Shut the fuck up Olive Garden is (1) not good, it's just straight up not good food (2) it's a giant chain restaurant (3) it's the epitome of white suburban culture, take a look at the parking lot and you'll see a bunch of F-150s and Range Rovers.

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A lot of leftists seem to think that anything shitty and cheap = proletarian. You're basically just going to war to defend the gross slop corporations deign you worthy of. "Thank you for my bargain-bin garbage, RestaurantCo LLC."

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@requrious Also did you know that it's Olive Garden policy to specifically NOT salt the water before they boil pasta? Indefensible.

@LuigiEsq you know what's a working class institution? family owned chinese restaurants.

@radicalrobit Or even, like, one of the million family owned Italian restaurants on the east coast

@LuigiEsq apparently it is classist to think its fucked up that people would rather go out and put olive garden staff at risk than eat at home or fucking do take out

@LuigiEsq waiting for the take that clowning on "waiting for my fajita cheese" lady is also classist

@LuigiEsq olive garden isn't even very cheap to go to and is really very very bad food like at least defend a restaurant that serves something edible at an affordable price


@LuigiEsq working class institution, grocery store sushi

Food, alcohol 

@LuigiEsq If society was kinder to mothers the entire family restuarant business model would collapse because it's built entirely around being a place where mother's can drink in public

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