“Buh TikTok is Chinese spyware.”

Shut the fuck up who cares. Everything is spyware these days you’re just signaling out Chinese companies because you’re racist.

Bro the NSA is still spying on us and we all just went “eh what can you do” focus on fixing your own house first Jack Ryan.

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Saw someone on Reddit justifying this the other day by saying there’s a difference between domestic and foreign actors getting your data, and that it’s better if domestic ones do it. Like, ???. Literally what is China going to do with your data?? The US will send cops to plant CP on your laptop and then kill you in a no-knock raid but ok!! As long as the Chinese Menace doesn’t get your data, dude! Free Hong Kong or whatever!

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[dumbest person alive voice] well we live in a democracy and if we don’t like that the government is collecting our data we can just vote them out

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That was supposed to be singling but while technically incorrect I suppose signaling still works if you go by the spirit of the rules.

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@LuigiEsq I care WAY more what the NSA through 5 eyes and GCHQ see on my phone than I do the CPC

@LuigiEsq I'm sure this has nothing to do with the demonization of certain countries in the US...

@LuigiEsq I had one guy argue that China was going to blackmail everyone with that data they collected. This person was unfamiliar with COINTELPRO.

@LuigiEsq this also assumes everyone is American, which is about right for Reddit I guess

@LuigiEsq also the specific spyware concern is misguided because the us version of the app is guided over by an incredibly shitty us company and basically everything fundamentally bad about it was implemented by said company

@tasnyx also like what do these redditor types think China would be getting out of some zoomer dancing to Renegade? I saw them talking about how diplomats kids use it and they get the layouts of sensitive facilities but you know what? So does fucking everyone lmao it’s a public video.

@LuigiEsq it’s this forever fear xenophobia of China as the one power that can overtake us, it’s like dude they make 60% of our tech and general consumer goods, I wouldn’t be afraid of Chinese data collection, if you have any smart device it can literally call the cops on you and get you swatted

@tasnyx [as my Google Home reports me directly to the District Attorney for buying weed]

me, smugly: at least that damn Pooh Bear Xi isn’t getting my data

@LuigiEsq well well... you give China your data for old xi jinping to drone bomb you in your house, now if you don’t mind me I’m going to ask Alexa where the nearest theater is so it can more easily triangulate my position when I get arrested for something I say when it’s always recording me

@LuigiEsq The government have run multiple smear campaigns that pose China as the most censored place, when the US is censored too.

My advice is 'don't believe what you hear', not that everyone that falls for government shit is racist.

@InTheLandOfTheRisingSun then i hope all these people are ready to quit facebook, twitter, reddit, google, and just generally using their phone.

@LuigiEsq I avoid FB for the same anti-privacy reasons as I avoid TikTok (I've never used TikTok, but I've also ditched FB for other reasons too). I avoid IG for the same reasons for content and users as I avoid TikTok - I'd envy its users and I'm not a fan of 2010s culture except politics. I also avoid voice assistants; this was also brought up in the thread.

I admit my privacy practices could be far better but I have other concerns right now.

Still, do both the 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇳 deserve to thrive? No.

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